Properties Sold

SOLD: 5805 Whitsett Ave #205

represented Seller

SOLD: 3308 Marguerite

represented Seller

SOLD: 2609 Lake View Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 2200 Chestnut Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 3009 Carter Ave
represented Seller

SOLD: 1659 Kaweah Dr

represented Buyer

SOLD: 4928 Fulton Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 5906 Foothill Dr

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1332 Douglas St

represented Seller

SOLD: 1420 N Laurel Ave #105

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1014 Coronado Terr represented Buyer and Seller

SOLD: 2372 Alvarado St

represented Buyer

SOLD: 5676 Hub St

represented Seller

SOLD: 1730 N Kenmore Ave

represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 4059 Garden Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1865 Rodney Dr

represented Buyer

SOLD: 5117 Lincoln Ave
represented Seller & Buyer

SOLD: 10450 Zelzah Ave #A

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1327 El Paso

represented Buyer

SOLD: 929 N Kenmore Ave

represented Seller

SOLD: 1200 Moncado Dr

represented Buyer

SOLD: 11488 Huston St
represented Buyer

SOLD: 2310 Paloma St

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1027 N Edgemont

represented Seller

SOLD: 3523 Atwater Ave

represented Seller

SOLD: 4214 Los Feliz Blvd

represented Buyer

 SOLD: 1012 N Edgemont

represented Seller

SOLD: 1940 N Highland Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 1864 Lemoyne St
represented Seller

SOLD: 4520 Bend Dr
represented Buyer

SOLD: 3009 Carter Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 3930 De Longpre Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 4158 Garden Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 3960 Roderick Rd
represented Seller

SOLD: 1716 Brockton Ave
represented Seller

SOLD: 1300 S Lake St
represented Buyer

SOLD: 440 Clifton St
represented Buyer

SOLD: 4919 Avoca St
represented Buyer

SOLD: 1441 Andenes Dr.
represented Buyer

SOLD: 926 Robinson St
represented Buyer

SOLD: 125 N Allen #122.
represented Buyer

SOLD: 431 Marie Ave.
represented Buyer 

           SOLD: 803 Brooks Ave.            represented Buyer

SOLD: 3557 Verdugo Vista
represented Seller

SOLD: 3711 Baldwin St. #301 represented Buyer

SOLD: 2437 Lake View Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 1339 Carmen Dr

represented Buyer

 SOLD: 4182 Denker Ave

represented Seller

 SOLD: 16142 Haynes St

represented Buyer

SOLD: 3941 Hubert Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 936 N Hudson Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 4407 Francis Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 2703 Franklin St
represented Seller

SOLD: 1720 Marion Dr 
represented Buyer

SOLD: 5215 Babcock Ave
represented Buyer

SOLD: 628 Milo Ter
represented Buyer

SOLD: 962 Maltman Ave.
represented Buyer

           SOLD: 503 E Sunset Dr.            represented Buyer

SOLD: 3041 Atwater Ave.
represented Seller

SOLD: 1918 Hillcrest Dr. represented Buyer

SOLD: 2512 Silver Ridge Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 10703 Collins St. represented Seller

SOLD: 477 Quail Drive represented Buyer

SOLD: 4411 Clayton Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 4035 Verdugo Road represented Seller

SOLD: 4912 Highland View Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 1962 N Commonwealth represented Buyer

SOLD: 1940 N Highland Ave. #42 represented Seller

SOLD: 1402 Sanborn Ave

represented Seller & Buyer

 SOLD: 3718 Toland Way

represented Seller & Buyer

SOLD: 2815 S Holt Ave

represented Buyer

SOLD: 4223 Russell Ave

represented Seller & Buyer

SOLD: 6747 Gill Way
represented Seller

SOLD: 2630 Delevan Dr
represented Buyer

SOLD: 4639 West Ave. 40
represented Seller

SOLD: 3262 Ingledale Ter
represented Buyer

SOLD: 433 Museum Dr.
represented Buyer

           SOLD: 2385 West 31st.            represented Buyer

SOLD: 4201 Tracy St.
represented Buyer

SOLD: 2064 Ames St.   represented Buyer & Seller

  SOLD: 3540 La Clede    represented Seller

       SOLD: 11035 Culver       represented Seller

SOLD: 672 Burwood Terrace represented Buyer

SOLD: 1917 Smokewood Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 4243 Palermo Drive represented Seller

SOLD: 5153 Rockland Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 6040 E Wardlow Rd. represented Buyer

SOLD: 3595 Glenrose Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 4317 Russell Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 13824 Fresh Meadow Lane represented Buyer

 SOLD: 8415 Lookout Mountain

represented Seller

SOLD: 1536 Ewing St

represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 4357 Cedarhurst Circle

represented Seller

SOLD: 9860 Milburn Dr
represented Seller

SOLD: 232 S Lomita
represented Buyer

SOLD: 938 N Kenmore Ave
represented Seller

SOLD: 5764 San Vicente 
represented Seller

SOLD: 4053 Verdugo Road
represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 4206 Hazel Kirk Dr.
represented Seller

           SOLD: 836 Uclan Dr.            represented Buyer

SOLD: 3557 Tacoma
represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 3557 Verdugo Vista Ter. represented Seller

SOLD: 2562 Silver Ridge Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 13447 Mccormick represented Buyer

SOLD: 733 N Alexandria Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 2700 Thomas St. represented Seller

              SOLD: 735 30th               represented Buyer

      SOLD: 5676 Hub St.      represented Buyer

SOLD: 5727 Cartwright Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 4458 Bowman Blvd. represented Buyer

SOLD: 5835 Denny Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 3544 La Clede    represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 3869 Westwood Blvd. represented Buyer

SOLD: 6175 St Albans St. represented Buyer

SOLD: 2015 Rosebud Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 5218 Monte Bonito Drive represented Buyer

SOLD: 1112 N Olive Dr #2 represented Buyer

SOLD: 16833 Vanowen St. represented Seller

SOLD: 941 Nolden Street represented Seller

                SOLD: 6518 Elder                 Highland Park

SOLD: 0 Rosebud Ave. represented Buyer

SOLD: 4041 Perlita Ave. Unit D represented Buyer

SOLD: 4711 Ambrose Ave #206 represented Seller

SOLD: 2641 Corralitas Drive represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 2327 Moreno Drive represented Buyer

SOLD: 3405 Plata Street represented Seller

    SOLD: 535 Vista Gloriosa      Mount Washington

SOLD: 3443 Hollydale
Atwater Village

SOLD: 853 Tipton Terrace represented Seller

SOLD: 727 N Alexandria Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 3595 Glenrose Ave. represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 10703 Collins     represented Seller

SOLD: 213 S. Soto Street represented Buyer

SOLD: 5466 Eagle Rock View
represented Seller

SOLD: 1420 North Hoover represented Seller

SOLD: 1721 West Clark


            SOLD: 4808 York            represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 3169 Atwater Ave. represented Seller

SOLD: 3930 Edenhurst Ave. represented Buyer & Seller

SOLD: 13016 Addison Street represented Buyer

SOLD: 6747 Gill Way
represented Buyer

SOLD: Bronx
New York

SOLD: 2393 Silverlake Blvd. represented Seller

                SOLD: 4445 Richard                     El Sereno

SOLD: 676 Romulo Street    Glassel Park

SOLD: 3835 Lincoln High Montecito Heights

SOLD: 1406 Carroll Avenue Angeleno Heights

SOLD: 1862 Lake Shore              Echo Park

SOLD: 916 N Serrano               Hollywood

SOLD: 6211 Roy Street       Highland Park

               SOLD: 11143 Hatteras                North Hollywood

                     SOLD: 2374 Land                       Echo Park

SOLD: 2700 Thomas Street Lincoln Heights

SOLD: 337 West 7th Street

Long Beach

SOLD: 5005 Ocean View Blvd.     La Canada Flintridge

SOLD: 88 S Grand Avenue               Pasadena

SOLD: 2315 Highbury #30 Montecito Heights

SOLD: 3562 Glenrose Avenue Altadena

SOLD: 4342 Palmero Drive   Mount Washington

LEASED: 532 Rossmore Ave. #404 Larchmont Village

SOLD: 4317-19 Russell Avenue  Los Feliz

     SOLD: 3611 Cadman Drive           Los Feliz

SOLD: 2237 E Wayne Road       Palm Springs, CA

SOLD: 3701 Boyce Avenue Atwater Village

SOLD: 3939 Ackerman Drive represented Buyer

SOLD: 1405 North Chester           Pasadena

         SOLD: 3427 Ferncroft           Atwater Village

     SOLD: 21041 Dumetz       Woodland Hills

          SOLD: 7628 Moorcroft                West Hills

SOLD: 74 South Grand Avenue Pasadena

             SOLD: 1748 Kilbourn               Mount Washington

SOLD: 1876 Ripple Street

SOLD: 4308 Whitsett Ave.    Studio City

SOLD: 3255 Future Street    Glassell Park

SOLD: 920 N Avenue 57   Highland Park

SOLD: 14934 Dickens Street #12 Sherman Oaks

              SOLD: 4336 Palmero                Mount Washington

                   SOLD: 1546 Rosalia                     Los Feliz

SOLD: 4030 Garden Avenue Atwater Village

    SOLD: 3513 Loosmore        Glassell Park

SOLD: 6200 Poppy Peak Drive Highland Park

             SOLD: 334 Avenue 44              Mount Washington

    SOLD: 1004 Ogden Drive          West Hollywood

        SOLD: 3017 South Hobart           Los Angeles

SOLD: 3840 Clayton Avenue      Los Feliz

SOLD: 2703 Montecito Street Montecito Heights

SOLD: 5121 Range View    Highland Park

               SOLD: 1833 Echo Park                  Echo Park

            SOLD: 402 Rustic Dr.             Mount Washington

SOLD: 1207 N Allen Ave.           Pasadena

        SOLD: 5083 Aldama          Highland Park

   SOLD: 21041 Dumetz      Woodland Hills

SOLD: 917 East Edgeware Angeleno Heights

SOLD: 3121 George Street    Lincoln Heights

SOLD: 421 Museum Drive     Mount Washington

SOLD: 4153 Cromwell Avenue   Los Feliz

SOLD: 3529 Wesley Street     Culver City

SOLD: 917 East Edgeware Road Angeleno Heights

SOLD: 2238 College View Monterey Park

             SOLD: 1332 N Douglas                  Echo Park

SOLD: 2044 Beverly Drive               Pasadena

SOLD: 853 Tipton Terrace Highland Park

                    SOLD: 6100 Roy                      Highland Park

SOLD: 421 Museum Drive     Mount Washington

          SOLD: 3422 The Paseo            Mount Washington

                                                                                                                                                                                  SOLD: 6232 Springvale

              SOLD: 3133 Poplar                Alhambra

SOLD: 533 South St. Andrews Place #309 Los Angeles

           SOLD: 3067 St. George                 Los Feliz

SOLD: 308 East Edgeware Road Westlake

   SOLD: 2392 Dewey Street        Santa Monica

SOLD: 7006 Muscatel Avenue  San Gabriel

SOLD: 1923 Cedar Lodge Terrace Silverlake

SOLD: 2231 Observatory Avenue Los Feliz

              SOLD: 3919 Wawona               Mount Washington

               SOLD: 514 Oleander                Highland Park

      SOLD: 826 Terrace 49       Highland ParkA

SOLD: 3175 LaClede Ave.     Atwater Village

SOLD: 3506 Canyon Crest Rd. Altadena

SOLD: 6142 Springvale Dr. Highland Park

                   SOLD: 2732 Auburn St.                    #2 Silverlake

SOLD: 3918 De Longpre Avenue Los Feliz

    SOLD: 2636 Saxon Drive       Mount Washington

SOLD: 7123 Shoshone Avenue Lake Balboa

SOLD: 360 Electric Avenue Alhambra

SOLD: 512 South Norton   Windsor Square

SOLD: 1360 Thompson Avenue Glendale

SOLD: 3040 Berkeley Avenue Silverlake

               SOLD: 2012 Talmadge               Los Feliz

SOLD: 1207 N Allen Ave.             Pasadena

SOLD: 1448 Laveta Terrace       Echo Park

          SOLD: 3220 Arvia St              Glassell Park

SOLD: 3041 Atwater Ave.   Atwater Village

                SOLD: 5265 Vincent                     Eagle Rock

SOLD: 5073 Williams Place Montecito Heights

           SOLD: 3405 Merced St.            Glassell Park